HAPPY CAMPERS! What Type Of Camper Are You?

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WHICH TYPE OF CAMPER ARE YOU? Travel Tessy Wants To Know.
Each of the following "Happy Campers" has a coordinating whimsical pillow cover to depict your type.  Enjoy!
  • TRAVEL TRAILER: You like a bit of time to get ready.  You might be the ‘over packer’ you like to have everything with you.  Everything has its place. You will have all of the camping gear, patio lanterns and party gear.  Here’s The Pillow Cover You Need!



  • TEAR DROP TRAILER: The Smallest of the towing trailers. You like to travel light.  It’s easy to get up and go, anywhere, anytime! Good job because you are always ready to go!  You’re cute … and you like ‘cute’ things.  Order Tear Drop Pillow Cover Here.


  • The SILVER AirStream: You like classic and you like to be noticed.  You have good taste and you like to stand out from the crowd.  It all started with a dream and you are living the dream with your silver bullet Airstream.  Order Silver Airstream.

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  • TENT TRAILER: Pop Up: Everyone has to start somewhere.  It may feel like camping day care … either you’re a family with young ones getting their first camping experience.. Or .. you’re babysitting your young adult friends, who are acting like they’ve never been out on their own before.  Either way your Pop-Up Trailer gets you out for some adventure and fun.  You like a good time.  Oh man, if pop-up trailers could talk.  

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  • HYBRID TRAILER CAMPERS: Your trailer has pop-out (like tent trailer pop outs) at each end.   You are a planner and this is your step up from your pop up.  You have dreams of travelling with the family (better do it while they are young).  These are roomier, allowing space for the whole family, a couple of friends and the family dog.  ORDER Hybrid Trailer Cover Here

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  • The HUNCHBACKS: Fifth-wheel trailers are the hunchbacks of the camper world. The upper half of the front of the camper extends over the back of the tow vehicle -- usually a large pickup truck. You like luxury … in your trailer and your trucks.   You only want to pack once and have everything ready at your fingertips.  It’s your ‘home’ away from home.  No hotels for you! You like your own bed.  Order Humpback 5th Wheel Here.

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  • Class A MOTORHOME: Have wheels can travel. Class A motorhomes are the largest and most expensive RVs on the road.  You are a dedicated traveler.  You like luxury, and seeing everything from a large picture window.  Are you retired yet? This luxury can easily replace your home.  Who needs a permanent address anyway? ORDER

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  • CLASSIC WINNEBAGO … gotta go ‘retro’. You love shopping at retro stores.  You bought an old Winnebago and have retro-fit it to your needs.  You’ve got each other and your dog and you are ready to go.  ‘Where next?’ Is your favorite conversation.  It’s easy for you to meet people, and people love to meet you!  Order Winnebago Here

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  • Class B Conversion Van Camper: We're still working on the perfect design and description for you!  Stay tuned!  We know you love your wheels!

  • CLASS C MOTORHOME: You want your RV vacation with family or friends to be effortless.   You appreciate having everything you need packed inside your “home away from home”.  Your fully equipped kitchen has an oven and a stove, a microwave, sink and large fridge allowing you to prepare great meals on the road. As Queen/King of your RV you enjoy the comfort (and privacy) of your queen sized bed in the back.  You prefer to have the RV all to yourselves, but you have room for the kids or an extra friend now and then.  ORDER CLASS C Pillow Cover HERe

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 HAPPY CAMPER: Linen-Blend Pillow Covers

These adorable 17” x 17” Pillow Covers are whimsical and fun.  They tell a story, YOUR STORY! Perfect for “HAPPY CAMPERS” everywhere.  You’ll Find Them Online at TravelTessy.com

  • Select your ‘type’ under the drop down “COLOR” menu at TravelTessy.com
  • 50% OFF | New Stock! | While They Last
  • Size 17” x 17” | Type: Pillow Cover | Linen Blend | Eco-Friendly
  • Wholesale Packages (5-Packs of any one design or 8-Packs with one of each!)
  • New! Class-C Motorhome Just Added - See it HERE
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  • NOW WE HAVE ’Real Truck Camper" and Class C and Class B Camper pillow covers! See them ALL HERE
    1) Truck Camper https://traveltessy.com/products/happy-camper-truck-camper
    2) VINTAGE truck camper https://traveltessy.com/products/class-c-camper-van (see 8 designs)
    3) CLASS C van conversion (new) https://traveltessy.com/products/happy-campers-class-c-pillow-cover

    SEE ENTIRE “HAPPY CMAPER” collction here https://traveltessy.com/search?type=product&q=happy+camper

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  • Need REAL Truck Camper not mini motor home. Need a pic?

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  • How about a class c camper too? Lynn

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  • Please make a class B van camper cover!!!! Love these.

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