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Are You A Travel Tessy?

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Welcome to Travel Tessy! We sell travel products to make your business trips and vacation travel more enjoyable. It all starts right here on our Travel Tessy site, our mission is to provide you with the best customer service anywhere online. We've learned over time, people well traveled have the best stories and are the most fun to be around. If that's you, you are a "Travel Tessy".

Are you looking for quality, affordable travel products? Do you want an online retailer that values you as a customer and carries a wide range of products in stock and ready to ship? Shop the selection at Travel Tessy today and see what we have in store for you. Travel Tessy specializes in and offers quality, dependable travel products and unique accessories designed to help you get the most out of your next business trip or vacation. 

Travel Tessy Mission

Serving the needs of business and leisure travelers, men and women, around the world. Travel Tessy is a customer centric company focused on offering quality products and friendly service every time you visit our site. As one of the leading suppliers of quality travel products and unique accessories, we have made it our mission to continue carrying the innovative products our customers want at the low prices they need. Shop with us today and experience the Travel Tessy difference for yourself.

Who is Travel Tessy?

Tessy has roots in Greek and English.  The meaning of Tessy is harvester or late summer. It's no wonder "fall' or 'autumn' are favorite seasons.  If asked about colors Tessy will always choose earth-tones, along with orange for adventure, sunny yellow for warmth and excitement, and black for mystery and elegance.

A 'Travel Tessy' is a beautiful person who is also smart. Everyone enjoys being around a 'Travel Tessy' because of your wittiness, charisma and charm. You have interesting stories to share.  If you are a Travel Tessy you are also sensitive, affectionate, imaginative and cooperative.  You lead an eventful, busy and exciting life!   You learn easily, you're intuitive and you have a reservoir of inspired wisdom with an inherited analytical ability. 

Because of these traits a 'Travel Tessy' has opportunity to travel for both business and leisure.  You love to spend vacation time with your family and you frequently travel by air and by car.

Why Choose Travel Tessy?

Travel Tessy offers quality travel products to make your life easier at prices you can afford. Our latest product line, the Tessy Sojourn Collection, is just one example of what our company has to offer. From unique multi-use travel bags, to world maps to track your travels, adapters, power chargers, luggage organizers, and even products to make it easier to travel with your kids or pets. Travel Tessy has you covered.

Before, during and after every sale, the Travel Tessy team will be there to guide you and to help you choose the products and accessories that meet your specific needs. Our growing list of satisfied customers can’t be wrong;  Travel Tessy is the number one source for quality travel products, affordable prices and knowledgeable service. Shop with us today and let our experienced team make you a customer for life.