Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP 10' 10") WITH BONUS 6pc Accessory Package (BONUS $300 Value)

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NEW 10'10" SUP Board - with

BONUS Accessory Package (6pcs, Value $300)

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Welcome to the inflatable movement!  Pack your board and take it with you. No more storage worries. No more transportation worries.  This board folds and packs so small, you can be ready to go at any time!!

The Aqua Marina Vapor is 10’ 10” (almost 11 feet), it’s 4” thick and is best for weight up to 176 pounds. This model also has an extra D-Ring to attach a kayak seat.

You will love this SUP board if you plan on spending a lot of time on the water and want to add a seat to make it more comfortable from time to time.

This 10'10" Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Board features:

Weight Access: up to 176 lbs.

Rigidity: The more rigid, the more stable the board will be. The Double-Wall Drop Stitch PVC construction Aqua Marina uses is extra thick and more durable.  The construction and materials of these boards make them sturdy and long-lasting boards overall.

EVA Deck: Designed it with durability and stability in mind.  Aqua Marina boards have a large EVA Deck designed with a honeycomb groove.  This groove will help to keep you from slipping as the board inevitably gets wet. 

Comfort: While the EVA deck pad is designed to be durable, comfort was not compromised, you will find it is soft enough to stand or kneel.

Stainless Steel D-Ring: The stainless steel D-Ring attached to the tail of most Aqua Marina boards will be very important to you if you plan to tie your board up anywhere. It can also be used in towing other boards, but it is highly suggested that you use it to add a safety leash.  THIS model has 6 D-Rings. One specifically for the attachment of a kayak type seat.

Bungee Cords: These can be used to hold onto any cargo, personal items you may need to take with you, equipment, seating, extra paddles or fins, etc. If you are interested in fishing from your SUP board, you will find this feature to be very important as you use it to hold your gear.

BONUS 6pc Accessory Package (While Quantities Last)

  1. Upgraded Aluminium Paddle
  2. High Pressure Pump
  3. Removable Seat
  4. Leg Leash
  5. Fins (3 for added stability)
  6. Carry Bag (backpack style)