Bright Luggage Straps - Suitcase Belts - Travel Accessories (1-Pk | 2-Pks | 6-Pks)

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Keep Your Luggage Secure And Easily Identifiable With These BRIGHT LUGGAGE STRAPS | Suitcase Belts | Great Gift For All Travelers

MULTIPLE USES! Here is what some customers have used them for:

  1. Globetrotters - hold luggage together if zipper breaks en-route
  2. Moving College/University Kids - wrap boxes with belts 
  3. Moving or Storage - wrap bins so lids stay on tight
  4. Sneaky Cat? Finally something to keep your cat out of its food bag/box
Comes in 6-Pack Multi-Colors / 2-Pack Matching Colors / Or Singles!

MORE Features You'll Love:

  • Heavy duty luggage strap and buckle closure ensures security
  • Belt length: 46"-78" / 120-200 CM and can be easily adjusted
  • Belt width: 2" / 5CM;
  • This universal luggage strap fits any 20"- 32" suitcase
  • 6 BRIGHT COLORS So Your Luggage Can Be Found Faster
  • Keep Your Luggage Secure, So It Doesn't Burst Open At The Seams When Being Thrown Around
  • Buy At Least Two So You Can Strap Your Suitcase Vertical and Horizontal
  • Belt Material: Nylon for Extra Strength
  • Buckle is made of super durable poly, plastic material. It won't snap when bent back and forth!

    Order Your Favorite Color(s) Today!  Order Multiples and Save SHIPPING!!



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