Super Absorbent Quick-drying Microfiber Hair Towel | 5 Colors

  • $12.95
  • Save $14

Take Super Absorbent Fast-Drying Hair Towel With You!

  • 5 Great Colors; Dark Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue.
  • Microfiber Material is Super Absorbent So Your Hair Drys Quickly
  • Keep Your Wet Hair Off Your Clothes While You Apply Your Make-Up or Get Ready For The Day
  • Not As Bulky As A Regular Towel So It's More Convenient For Travel or Every Day!
  • Takes Less To Wash This Smaller Towel For Your Hair So It's More Efficient For Day To Day Use.
  • It Packs Small In Your Suitcase, So You Can Take It With You!
  • Special 3-Pack (Dark Pink, Purple, Blue) Best Deal See it in Drop Down Menu