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  • Take TRAVEL TESSY Travelling With You! She's Fun, Like YOU.
  • This Fun "Travel Tessy" Pendant has a 28" Chain.
  • Variety of Designs (Max Order is 3)
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  • We'll Track Travel Tessy Through Your Reviews Below, Tell Us Where You've Traveled With Her ... 
  • She's A Conversation Piece, She Has Lots Of Stories Just Like YOU!
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Are You A Travel Tessy?

 A 'Travel Tessy' is a beautiful person who is also smart. Everyone enjoys being around a 'Travel Tessy' because of your wittiness, charisma and charm. You have interesting stories to share.  If you are a Travel Tessy you are also sensitive, affectionate, imaginative and cooperative.  You lead an eventful, busy and exciting life!   You learn easily, you're intuitive and you have a reservoir of inspired wisdom with an inherited analytical ability. 

Because of these traits a 'Travel Tessy' has opportunity to travel for both business and leisure.  You love to spend vacation time with your family and you frequently travel by air and by car.

IF THIS IS YOU ... We Want You To Have a "Travel Tessy" Pendant On Us!

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Maximum Order is 3.  Value $29.95 each